Website ‘Don’ts’ For Maximum Retention

When designing a business website, there will be lots of things you include on your webpage to increase the chances of getting spotted by potential customers or clients. However, it is also important to consider what things you should avoid doing so you can keep visitors on your website long enough to make a conversion.



…Create content just for ‘likes’

For instance, while the public are hungry for visuals, such as videos or images, it is important any content you create helps to generate leads, encourages people to buy from the site, sign up to a newsletter or call up for one of your services.

As Channel E2E says: “You want content that brings in leads – not just likes.”


… Leave content to go stale

When it comes to content creation, most marketing departments are aware that producing blogs, news stories and social media posts is a great way to attract visitors. However, this only works if updates are frequent, relevant, and interesting.

Similarly, the design of your website needs to be updated regularly too, as an old-fashioned graphic will deter visitors as much as out-of-date content.


… Forget ‘search’ function

There is nothing more irritating than a website that has a bad flow and layout, other than one that does not have a ‘search’ bar. It is essential your visitors can find the information they need through your main menu.

However, if they can’t, they need to be able to search for their specific request. Being unable to do so will immediately deter them from using the webpage.


… Neglect contact page

You need to have relevant and appropriate calls to action on your webpage, whether that is enticing your visitors to email you for more information, purchase some goods or invest in one of your products.

Whatever they do, customers or clients need to be able to contact you. So, make sure your contact details are included, clear to see, and remain up to date. Even if the webpage itself has its own e-commerce facility, users need to be able to get in touch in case any of the functions do not work, they need to reach customer service or they have a question to ask.

Without a means to call the business, you might find they turn to Twitter or another social media network to air their grievances instead, which means the only publicity you will get is likely to be negative.


… Adjust web design for mobile phones

Another necessary requirement for websites these days is to ensure you consider the design for mobile phones too.

Traffic from mobiles is increasing all the time, and according to Statista, it accounted for 54.4 per cent of global website traffic during the fourth quarter of last year. In fact, it has provided around half of world internet usage since the start of 2017.


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