When should you rebrand?

As a creative agency that work with a huge variety of forward thinking companies, we are often asked: when should I think about rebranding?

A huge decision for many business owners and marketers, rebranding is a decision not to be taken lightly. Failure to rebrand with the correct tone of voice won’t benefit your company in anyway, so when should you look at rebranding?

Things to consider before rebranding

Is there anything wrong with your existing branding?

As the saying goes – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! If you can’t identify any issues with your existing branding it probably doesn’t need to be reviewed right now. Ask your colleagues and network to see what they think of your branding as sometimes we can be a bit too connected to our own work.

Are you offering a new service or expanding the business?

Often the right time to rebrand a business is when you are making a move into a new market and diversifying the service offering. This can be a good time to review existing imagery and how the new target audience will perceive the branding that you have currently. Again, market research is so important when creating a brand so be sure to look around at what your key competitors are doing and how you match up.

Is your brand still relevant?

Particularly for businesses that have been operating for many years, branding can sometimes become out of date and not relevant to your potential customers/industry. However, it is also important to ensure that your ethos is at the core of your branding and that your experience within the industry is portrayed clearly through your branding.

Is it clear who you are and what you offer?

Something that is often discussed around branding – is your message clear from first glance at your branding? Especially within competitive markets it is essential to have a brand presence that potential customers can recognise from first glance. Finding a creative design team that have assisted brands with creating their stand-out image is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Similarly, are you memorable?

If you aren’t memorable, then your branding isn’t working. Part of being a successful company is having a memorable brand in place, keeping your company at the forefront of your customer’s mind will ensure that you win the business every time. Again, for competitive markets this is ideal as competitors won’t be able to come close to your memorable branding. The key is to engage with your audience on multiple levels with your branding!

Would you like to know more about rebranding?

If you would like to know more about rebranding your company or whether it is the right time to do so, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have worked with many companies on revamping existing brands and even creating new imagery from scratch.

For more information on the services we offer and to speak to a member of our design team call us on 01257 758 078 or email us at enquiries@codeias.com.