Why choose Codeias?

Looking for a reliable, experienced white-label development company? Welcome to Codeias.

With a team of experienced designers, developers and digital marketing experts at your disposal we offer a whole range of white-label development services, tailored to your client’s own objectives for their web project.

We work with digital agencies up and down the country to help them achieve their business goals, helping them with high-end development projects that require a specialist agency and team behind them.

What white-label development services we offer

Whatever website or application development service you require, our team will be able to provide a bespoke solution for you.

Our services include:

  • PHP Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Development
  • WordPress Design and Development
  • Magento Design and Development

Development is at the very core of what we do. We have worked with agencies who have struggled to recruit experienced developers and don’t want to sacrifice on the quality of their code.

We work alongside our clients to create solutions to their development pain, we can tackle just about any development issue – applying our years of experience to solve issues quickly and efficiently.

All of our projects are secured with strict non-disclosure agreements, so you can be confident that your client never hears of Codeias and it is only your company that they deal with, helping you to build your brand and reputation.

Why choose white-label development

Some of our clients have been cautious about using white-label development services prior to working with us, outsourcing is also sometimes seen as a negative in the creative industry. However, using a reputable and experienced development agency can help to increase your businesses profile.

Paying on a project by project basis means that you don’t have to invest in staff (experienced developers can be very expensive and hard to keep) so you will have more money to invest in other business activities.

We also work as part of your team, liaising with you on the project and we can even speak to your client, acting as an in house member of staff, if needed.

Also having more than one website developer means that you can take on more projects, which again, means more revenue made for your business – with little investment.

We don’t make false promises at Codeias, providing only realistic and achievable suggestions for your project, if we promise something it is delivered, often exceeding our client’s expectations.

We also often help with the vison for projects, assisting you with ensuring that the website is bespoke to your customer and a showcase piece of work that you can add to your own portfolio.

All of our clients are repeat customers – we’ve never had a digital agency leave us after one project, which speaks for itself!

Need help with a website development project?

If you are a digital agency looking for a white-label development partner we can help. Whether you need assistance with WordPress, Magento or custom development our team will be able to provide a suitable solution for you.

For more information on how our development team can help you or to speak to one of our team members call us on 01257 758078.