Winning New Projects in 2021

Amidst the pandemic and declining global economy, many web development agencies are forced to rethink their business models and sales strategies. Codeias can help your business adapt to the current times and even win new projects.

eCommerce sales have been significantly impacted with a steady incline in sales. In this article, we look at how your agency can adapt to the changes in the online business space and restrategize your marketing activities to help you win new projects in 2021.


Adapt Your Services to Offer Solutions to Current Challenges


All around the world, more consumers are confined to their homes. This poses a challenge to offline businesses. Getting creative and offering these offline business owners innovative web development solutions that bring their products closer to their customers can help you win new projects.

For businesses that have already invested in websites, we recommend creating solutions that make their customer’s lives easier such as convenient payment options and wider delivery coverage.


Add Value To Your Clients’ Businesses


Sometimes you have to give a little to win over new projects. If your team has experts in SEO, content creation, or web design, offer these services for little to no fees as part of your package to help business owners feel that they are getting value for their money.

You can also reach out to business owners with free offers from your agency to showcase what you can do for them if given the opportunity.


Offer Website Updates


Online stores are enjoying high traffic which makes this the perfect time to offer updates and changes that make business websites more efficient and user friendly. Ensure your agency is strategically placed to offer the most important services for business owners who rely on their websites to keep things running.

Services such as tweaking the site design for easier accessibility or giving the site a complete overhaul for a functional, more polished aesthetic can help you win new projects.


Social Media Marketing


More people staying at home means more people spending time on social media sites. Keeping your agency profile active on social media helps you attract business owners. Social media is also a great avenue for your agency to share updates on new and improved services.

It is important to have a comprehensive social media strategy to ensure you are visible to businesses that may need your services. You can effectively do this by advertising on social media or reaching out to experts such as Codeias that can help you advertise your services to the right audience.

While the next few months are looking bleak, there’s’ no reason your agency should not prepare for the post-COVID-19 world. Venture into previously untested avenues to find more projects including cold calling.


You can also talk to your current clients to find out which services they need and amend your contracts to include them. Contact us on 01257 758 078 or email us at for more information on strategic improvements that your agency can make to win more projects in 2021.