Wix cannot compete with WordPress and a bespoke design

With the announcement of Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) we thought we would explore the pros and cons of web builders like Wix and how they compare to working with a professional website design and development team.

What is Wix ADI?

At the beginning of June Wix announced the release of their latest change in their web builder system.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence aims to incorporate AI into the creation of new website templates, ensuring that ‘no two websites’ will be the same. The new update also claims that each website can be tailored to an individual’s location, adapting the design based on a number of factors.

The software claims to adapt to the website design and recommend structural and design style changes to the site that ADI might calculate based on the continuous crawls of the websites across the web.

The new Wix update also claims to make big changes in the word of web design and some market leaders have even suggested that it may rival WordPress and some users find this a very bulky system to work with.

How does Wix ADI compare to WordPress?

Even though Wix ADI is a huge step forward for Wix it still doesn’t meet the requirements of someone who needs a flexible, comprehensive website that advertises their services/products.

The new updates mean that Wix websites will be slightly more user friendly as they are taking into consideration the design styles of other websites across the web. However, there are still some key features missing such as the ability to carry out search engine optimisation updates.

This is the main area where Wix has struggled in the past and where WordPress has shined.

Although in some cases WordPress themes are used often WordPress websites are created with a bespoke design, this ensures that your website is 100% unique, something that the new Wix update is also trying to achieve.

WordPress also comes with a much more comprehensive content management system (CMS) than Wix, allowing for SEO plugins to be installed and updates to be carried out automatically.

Nothing can compare to a bespoke website

We may be a little biased as we are specialists in WordPress development however, we don’t think that the new Wix ADI update can rival the package that WordPress offers.

There are so many extra features that WordPress offers with their huge Plugin directory, WordPress also enables users to sell from their website by installing the WooCommerce Plugin.

We are specialists in WordPress development, creating beautiful websites that the user can navigate easily and find all of the information they are looking for with ease. We have worked with many website design agencies and recommended the WordPress system for their clients, therefore if you are struggling to find the best website platform for your clients our team are on hand to help!

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