WordPress vs Custom CMS

Making the choice between a custom CMS and open source software can be tough, especially if you are unsure on the differences between the two. As a professional and experienced web development agency, when we are asked about the key differences between open source and bespoke, there is only one CMS we would compare bespoke development to, and that’s WordPress.

WordPress is ideal for any business in need of a general website and has a variety of plugins that provide different functions. However, if you have a client that requires their website to have more complex functions, this may not be easily achieved through open source.

The main thing you need to ask yourself before making your decision is ‘can the functions that my client requires be achieved using WordPress, plugins and other existing software?’ If the answer is no, a custom CMS could be the best option.

WordPress vs Custom CMS – the key benefits of each platform

When trying to understand the differences between WordPress and a custom CMS, it’s important to compare the different benefits that they offer. This will help you recognise which type of CMS will be most suited to your requirements.


WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform but has since evolved into the CMS it is today and after becoming more popular over the last few years, it is now the most used open source content management system available.

Not only does WordPress have thousands of free and paid plugins available for use, development can also be edited to improve, change and add functionality. Whether you want to allow customers to leave reviews, or would like the ability to duplicate a page or post on your website with ease, in most cases, a plugin has been developed that can be installed and will enable you to accomplish this.

Additionally, using WordPress comes with a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Security

As WordPress is the most used open source CMS, it is continuously monitored by a cyber security team that are dedicated to preventing security breaches and ensuring that your website is protected from hackers at all times.  There are also a huge range of security plugins that can be installed to ensure maximum website security.

  • User friendliness

WordPress is famous for being user friendly. This is because it is simple to navigate and can be used by people with little to no content management system experience.  Adding pages, uploading new images or even editing existing content can all be done easily.

  • Flexibility

Due to the number of plugins available, WordPress is an extremely flexible CMS that can be adapted to suit the needs of almost any website. If your client wants to be able to sell products via the website WooCommerce can easily be installed to add this function.

Custom CMS

A custom content management system is a piece of software developed exclusively for a website. It differs from WordPress because each function is custom coded which allows your client to have full control over the functions on the website.

Bespoke content management systems are often implemented when a website requires a complex function that can’t be achieved using open source software. For example, if your client needs an intricate ordering and tracking system, a custom CMS would usually be required. This is because the tools needed to create this function aren’t available on an open source CMS.

Choosing a custom CMS comes with a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Scalability

With a custom CMS, functions can be added or removed at any time which means that the system can be scaled up or scaled down to continuously meet the requirements of a website.

  • Proprietary software

When a bespoke CMS is developed for your client’s website, your client owns the software. This means that the CMS is exclusive to their company.

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