Adding Google Forms into Client’s Websites

Google forms are a powerful, free feature that you can add to your client’s WordPress site quickly and easily. Although not as popular as Google Sheets or Docs, Google Forms can help business sites collect user data via convenient online forms.

To access Google Forms, you will need a Gmail account. You can create a free account that will not only help you access Google Forms but will also give you access to all other convenient G Suite services. A Gmail account also ensures all data is backed up.

For most small businesses, it can feel as though tracking clients may be too expensive or too tiresome with little returns. However, keeping track of clients helps small businesses by making marketing easier. The end-user is already interested in the businesses products so creating a marketing campaign specifically created for them cuts marketing costs significantly for small business websites.


Benefits of Google Forms


In addition to making marketing a lot easier for small businesses, Google Forms are also great for collecting customer feedback. The forms integrate seamlessly with G Suite products such as Sheets, which allows your clients to collect data easily.

Google Forms also work on great social media platforms such as YouTube, which makes it easy for your clients to upload their marketing material without having to leave the tab. It is also possible to embed the forms on the landing page or a blog post.

These forms are also an excellent way for your clients to create customer feedback surveys, RSVP forms, Order Forms, and job applications. Google Forms also allow your clients to add images.

Now that you know all these amazing benefits. Let’s learn;


How To Add Google Forms Into Your Client’s Websites


If you’ve already got a Gmail account sign in to the Google Forms platform or access it directly from your Google Drive dashboard. If not, follow the link above to get a free account, quick and easy The template gallery has a variety of pre-made templates to choose from which reduces the load of starting with a blank form.

Adding content onto the form is easy, simply click onto the user interface and add any information preferred. Content can range from text, photos, even questions. The forms also have a range of functions that allow access, multiple responses, and requiring login among others.

Once you are happy with the Google Form, simply click Send to embed it onto the clients’ web page, email or share it on social media. To add it to your clients’ WordPress site, copy the iframe code and paste it into the HTML editor.

After adding the Google Form screen on the admin panel, it is easy to add the forms to different pages on the website and click Publish after customising the pages to your client’s liking.


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