Why we champion WordPress and Magento over other website platforms

We have been quite clear on our blog and across our entire website that we champion two website platforms over any other and there is good reason behind this. We are often asked by our clients what systems we would recommend and WordPress and Magento are uttered over many other options.

Over our experience within the industry we have found that these two content management and ecommerce options are a cut above the rest and here’s why…

WordPress – The leading content management system

The leading content management system (CMS) with over 7 billion websites running on the open source platform in our eyes there is no better than WordPress.

Looking for a CMS that enables you to take full control over your own website without having to enlist the help of an experienced developer? WP is for you.

We work with a large number of digital agencies that don’t have the development team in house to create the website, so the last thing they need is for a website developer to create the website that they can’t make any changes to themselves.

WordPress is one of the simplest systems to use, even those with no HTML or CSS knowledge will be able to edit websites, adding new pages and uploading images where needed.

Not only do we love WordPress because of it’s editing abilities but we also love the fact that Google has pointed it out to be one of the most SEO friendly content management systems on the market, and who doesn’t want their website to be ready to rise in the search engines?

With WordPress there are also tonnes of Plugins that we can download to add extra features to the site including eCommerce options, security plugins, language plugins etc. Having a huge Plugin Directory to choose from enables us as developers to install new features easily.

Magento – eCommerce champion

Magento is used by some of the largest online retailers in the world, including:

  • Missguided
  • Coca Cola
  • Ford
  • Warby Parker
  • Olympus

The ideal platform for a large eCommerce store Magento is the most comprehensive ecommerce open source system on the market, companies are able to present their products to the consumer in a bespoke design with a seamless user experience.

Our team of Magento developers have worked with companies to tailor-make their website to their target audience, adding in calls to action, upsells and cross sells and driving the user to the end goal of purchasing.

Magento is a brilliant system and we recommend it to all of our clients that are looking for an eCommerce system for a large business with a significantly large product range that they want to display to their customers.

There also extensions, similar to the WordPress plugin model, that enable us to add on key features such as security, data collection etc.

Need help with your client’s website?

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