Google Sends Engineering Team To WordPress HQ

Google has continually dedicated its focus on shaping the architecture of the web. The giant recently visited WordPress Headquarters, a platform that allows its businesses and their clients to create and publish rich web content. This is an exciting collaboration with WordPress users excited about the inevitable changes to its ecosystem.

As part of the AMP Project, Google aims to partner with the open-source CMS to bring to life an exciting vision. From developing themes and plugins to collaborating on infrastructure and engaging with WP publishers.

In recent years, WordPress has struggled with performance challenges, security and code bloat. Consequently, this partnership could not have come at a better time. Google is likely help solve their speed issues and make it better suited for custom additions – allowing developers to run free with creative ideas. Furthermore, Google is centred on advancing the adoption of code and best practices which will definitely work in their favour.

WordPress will undoubtedly benefit from the experience of having Google support in house, allowing for years of experience of Google team to drip-feed into the framework. With the help of expert developers WP business sites also stand to benefit from a richer user experience, expanded capabilities of the AMP services and performance tracking tools.

The world’s most popular CMS will also have its users adopt new tech and best coding and performance practices. With Google now indexing and using mobile versions of websites for ranking on SERPs, WordPress business users could benefit from a significant boost with improved page load time.

Alberto Medina, a Developer Advocate on Google’s Content Ecosystems Team remarks that Google is especially focused in solving WP’s questionable speed performance and page load times on certain sites. They will also improve the platform’s web experience standards using Progressive Web Apps. There is also the possibility of rolling out AMP functionality at the CMS’ core.

A team of developers has been set up to build progressive themes that will speed up the integration of ultramodern web tech. The team will also contribute to the Gutenberg development project, an interface for manipulating content. Furthermore, they will collaborate with strategic partner executives and tech leads to speed up the adoption and implementation process.

Most attempts at tackling the PWA related plugins for the CMS have failed. It will be interesting to see the changes Google brings in, with many who work on WordPress sites hoping to see built in service workers, push notifications, identity management and offline content.

Google’s overall aim is to work with the WordPress business community, web platform developers and core developers to create an exciting and unique experience for their clients. With over 29% of the web under the CMS it makes perfect sense that Google would want to partner up and make it better at all levels.

The road to advancing the WordPress platform is part of the Web content Ecosystems Initiative. Google seeks to pursue developments that can be improved significantly in future to enhance business performance.

How Can Codeias Help You Better Serve Your Clients?

We understand that having a custom CMS gives your clients the added benefit of having full control of the site’s functions. In addition, using open source software may not always suit specialised systems that you need to serve your clients efficiently. While we always recommend WordPress as a general CMS – We are excited to see what Google can bring to the table at WordPress HQ we would love to hear your thoughts!

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