WordPress 4.5 updates you need to know about

Important WordPress 4.5 updates you need to know about

In April WordPress released their first major update of the year and it has not disappointed developers around the world! Version 4.5 (also known as Coleman) comes with some interesting features that will make your WordPress editing life easier.

If you are updating your client’s websites don’t forget to carry out a WordPress backup before installing the latest version of the software.

As the biggest update so far this year we thought we would carry out a quick round up of the most important changes that will help to improve your WordPress experience.

Improved sign in options

Most online platforms, such as social media accounts, allow you to login with either your email address or username and WordPress 4.5 has joined them. Users can now login to the website with either their email address or username – very useful for those agencies who have tonnes of client’s passwords to remember!

Improved visual editor

In version 4.5 WordPress have updated their visual editor, making it easier for users to navigate the editor and add links/format the text.

One of the main improvements to note is that by holding CTRL + K users can now add links without the distracting hyper link box popping up (great for saving time when rushing through an article). Users can also add three or more dashes to insert a line into the text and the short cut `some code` where they wish to add HTML code.

A full list of WordPress shortcuts can be found in WordPress by clicking the help icon above the visual editor.

Changes for theme developers

As part of the new 4.5 update theme developers are now able to enable theme support for logo, this means they can set the logo in customiser. ICONs are also improved and users can even set the favicon and application images in the WordPress system (making our lives much easier).

As part of the new updates there are also responsive previews in customiser – so you can see exactly what the responsive version of your WordPress website will look like!

Amendments to the comment moderation screen

One of the biggest issues for most WordPress users is the very limited comment moderation screen, previous versions haven’t allowed users to edit the comment and have not shown plain HTML formatting used in a comment.

Coleman now allows users to edit the comment in the backend and HTML formatting can be seen, great for those who need to edit the comments on behalf of their client before posting them.

Changes for developers (our favourite bit)

Some of the top changes that will make a WordPress developer’s life easier include:

  • Selective refresh in customiser now provides framework for developers to refresh select areas
  • Updated libraries to include new bundled libraries for Underscores, Backbone, jQuery, and jQuery Migrate
  • Script loader – 4.5 now makes it easier to add inline scripts by introducing wp_add_inline_script()
  • Embed templates are now customisable which means theme editors can edit the template to match their current theme

There’s more changes to come…

WordPress’ developers are constantly coming out with updates and changes, improving their extensive system and ensuring that any bugs are fixed.

So fear not if the rumoured changes that you heard haven’t been updated – there’s still time! Get in touch with our team, we can assist with updates and security issues.