The Latest WordPress Release: WordPress 4.8

Latest WordPress ReleaseWordPress regularly release updates to their system that improve performance and keep up to date with the industry standards. WordPress 4.8 is the latest WordPress release.

It will be the first major release of 2017 and the final version is expected to be released in June of this year.

Currently, the first beta of 4.8 is available for testing either on your computer or by using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. No further features will be added to the official release of WordPress 4.8 and some of the features in beta my not make it to the final version.

As our team are experts in WordPress, we like to keep updated with the latest WordPress releases and changes and how they might affect a WordPress website.

We’ve explained three of the main features of WordPress 4.8 and their function.

Latest WordPress Release Features

The latest WordPress release will introduce several new and improved features. It aims to:

  • Simplify widgets for new users and make them more convenient for current users
  • Make the process of editing posts that contain links more instinctive
  • Increase awareness and attendance of WordPress events.

Key WordPress Improvements

Most of the WordPress 4.8 features are related to widgets, however, there will be improvements to the overall WordPress user experience.

These new features will include new image and video widgets and a news and events dashboard widget.

New Image Widget

WordPress 4.8 will introduce a widget that will give users the opportunity to add images to the side bar. Currently, plugins need to be used or HTML needs to be written to display an image in the side bar.

Users will have the ability to upload images from the WordPress media library.

New Video Widget

A video widget will be added that follows the same concept as the improved image widget. This feature will all users to upload a video from their computer, or from YouTube and other video content providers.

Once the user has uploaded their chosen video, a preview of the video will be shown in their side bar.

News and Events Dashboard Widget

The News and Events dashboard widget will appear on the users WordPress dashboard and will showcase WordPress news and upcoming events close to the user’s location.

This widget will be in place of the existing WordPress news widget. Users also have the option to edit their location manually to find upcoming events in a specific area.

Are you in need of a WordPress website?

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