Why You Shouldn’t be Using WordPress Themes

When advertising your company as a website design and development agency your customers are expecting much more than a standard WordPress theme.

The website that you produce for your client not only says a lot about their business but also a lot about yours.  Using themes for your customer’s websites is providing them with something that they could make themselves.

Often website design agencies will use themes because they are the easy option, they don’t require a big skillset to set up and a website can be delivered within a few days – often the favorable option when clients are putting on the pressure.

As we work on a white-label basis with agencies across the UK we have heard every excuse in the book as to why companies prefer to use a template. Some of the most popular reasons include the following:

  1. Skill Gaps

Becoming a fully-fledged website design and development agency that create websites from scratch requires an investment in staff, something that digital agencies don’t always have at their disposal.

Often even if the company does have the money to pay a full-time developer or designer, a skilled and knowledgeable member of staff can be hard to find, there has been a lot of talk about skill gaps within the digital sector and how agencies struggle to find members of staff.

  1. Time

Often clients want their website in a short amount of time, so the idea of creating a bespoke website can seem a bit daunting and just not realistic for the timeframes that you have promised clients previously.

Designing and developing a brand-new website without the comfort of a WordPress theme can take time, so this often prevents digital agencies from creating them for their clients.

  1. Cost

Tying in closely with skill gaps, hiring staff members to work on design and development projects can be costly, having to bring on enough work to cover their salaries and make sure that there is still profit made can be difficult.

Often agencies will hire a staff member that doesn’t have much experience so that they don’t have to meet the wage expectations of a knowledgeable developer or designer, however this can have its own consequences.

Leave it to the experts

It is becoming extremely common for website design and development agencies to work with white-label partners, outsourcing the aspects of the project that they don’t have the skill set or time to work on.

White-label development agencies work on the project for you without ever contacting your client, so they still think that all services are being provided by your company.

This is where Codeias can help, we are an expert web development and design agency working with other digital agencies around the UK to help them produce high quality and beautifully designed websites.

We sign NDA agreements with our clients so they can feel confident that we won’t tell anyone we are working with them, we just get on with the technical work in the background while you take the credit!

Having an outsource partner means that you can pay per project, there are no salaries to pay at the end of the month and you can continue to grow your business and offer your clients a high-quality service.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to work with on web design and development our team of industry experts can help. For more information on the services that we offer contact us on 01257 758078.