The top WordPress plugins for 2017: #1 Advanced Custom Fields

As we deal with all things WordPress we are often asked what the latest trends and topics surrounding the open source software are.

Due to this, we are starting a mini-series on the top WordPress plugins for 2017 and our first instalment is the plugin that all WordPress developers are raving about: Advanced Custom Fields.

What is the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin?

Made for developers, this WordPress plugin enables us to take full control of data fields that we need on our client’s websites.

WordPress is a brilliant and flexible system however, by installing the ACF plugin we can personalise websites even more so, adding custom fields in a huge range of data types including text, image, page link, page object and many more.

Even though custom fields are native to WordPress they do provide limited options and aren’t naturally user friendly, which is where ACF comes in.

Having ACF installed enables us to create fields within field groups, each field offers a range of options too so we aren’t limited about what features we can implement with ACF.

ACF location rules also allows us to collect a field group to an edit screen, enabling us to set the same field group for a range of page templates. There are also a huge range of rule connectors such as post type, post ID and page template.

ACF also provides display options for the edit screen, allowing us to improve the admin experience. For instance, there may be a feature that you wish to hide on the edit screen, ACF enables us to hide this, making the edit screen much less cluttered for the admin and improving their overall experience of editing the website.

Using ACF

ACF allows us to create beautiful websites by writing less code but still producing high quality websites for our clients.

Having a knowledge of web development is recommended when using ACF as it does require knowledge of PHP code.

As the plugin creators explain on their website ACF is not a ‘1 click wonder’ plugin, it does allow you to increase the flexibility of WordPress however having a knowledge of development and code means that you can use ACF to it’s full potential.

Our team is constantly kept up to date with the latest WordPress trends and ACF is something that developers around the world are talking about.

We love using it because of it’s comprehensive system, enabling us to create bespoke websites and offer our clients a whole host of options for their features on the website. ACF also impacts on the admin’s experience, client’s who are updating their own websites are able to navigate easily and find all of the information they need quickly.

Would you like more information on ACF and WordPress?

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