The top WordPress plugins for 2017: #2 Yoast

The second instalment in our WordPress plugin mini-series focuses on an essential tool for SEO and a plugin that our team rely on heavily.

Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins on the market, our team implement this onto all the websites that we create. Having an SEO-ready website is essential, as often the clients we work with continue a marketing plan which centres around SEO.

What is Yoast?

Yoast is a WordPress plugin that allows admins to enable SEO features onto any website, allowing edits to be made easily to key SEO factors such as URLS and Meta Data.

Some of the key features of Yoast include:

  • Focus keyword analysis
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • XML sitemaps
  • Readability check
  • URL structuring
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Canonical

By enabling access to set these features we can create SEO friendly websites for our clients, any marketing team can take over and use Yoast easily, it’s easy to understand and navigate.

Often the whole idea of creating a new website is to begin a new marketing plan, which usually features search engine marketing. Some development companies provide websites that require development work or changes to set key SEO factors, which is exactly why we love WordPress and Yoast – there’s no need for development work!

Major search engine Google has also stated that they favour websites that run on WordPress, making it one of the most SEO friendly platforms. By pairing this with the Yoast SEO plugin we can create websites perfect for carrying out search engine marketing.

There are free and paid versions of Yoast, with the paid version offering more information, such as data and analysis, however we often only recommend the free version to our clients as it contains all the features they require for no cost.

As we work directly with digital agencies on a white-label basis we understand that there is often a requirement for an SEO friendly website and Yoast allows us to do this. As an experienced agency we also enable all of the onsite factors such as h1 and h2 tags to be editable across the site too – so no issues there!

We’d love to tell you more about Yoast

If you are interested in the Yoast plugin and how we use it to create SEO friendly websites please do not hesitate to contact us.

We love all things WordPress, as a specialist development agency we fill the skill gaps so you don’t have to search for an inhouse developer, we have all the skills you need in our offices.

We work on an NDA basis for all our projects, your client doesn’t need to know that you are working with us, we’ll just work in the background while you deal directly with the client.

By working with an experienced white-label agency you can have the confidence that your project will be handled with care and produced to an extremely high standard.

For more information on the services that we offer contact our team on 01257 758 078.