What’s new with WordPress 4.7


4 months after the release of WordPress version 4.6 the content management system solution have released the latest version of their open source software.

The new release was headed up by Helen Hou-Sandi with help from Jeff Paul and Aaron Jorbin plus the 482 contributors from the WordPress community. Interestingly of the 482 contributors 205 were assisting on a WordPress development project for the first time.

As always, the new WordPress update comes with a whole host of new features and extras that are welcome changes in our eyes, so let’s get into it…

New WordPress 4.7 features to note – we’ve narrowed it down for you

Video Headers

An exciting change for those who are looking to at an extra touch to their website WordPress 4.7 now enables users to upload a video to their header, this can either be done by uploading an mp4 file or linking to a video on YouTube.

Smart Menu Building

Something that has been a needed change for a while the open source platform now enables users to create new pages as they customise their menu structures. Rather than having to leave the customisation area, admin users can now add a new page as they create their menu.

This offers a much smoother menu building process, once the user publishes their customisations the new pages will be live and ready for them to edit.

Custom CSS

As all the websites that we create are custom coded we were very pleased to hear about the new custom CSS options WordPress now offers. We will be able to see the live changes that we make to the CSS now, rather than having to constantly refresh the page to see our updates.

This will again, make the process much smoother and our team are looking forward to working with this change!

PDF Thumbnails

A small change will also be made to the way that PDF thumbnails are displayed, they will now automatically generate thumbnail images so users can easily distinguish between the different documents.

Dashboard in different languages

Similarly to the last language update in WordPress 4.6, users can now add different languages to their dashboard, enabling teams from across different countries to work together on the same website if needed.

Other WordPress development changes that we are looking forward to using

There are a few additional tweaks that have been announced which have got our developers very excited to try out WordPress 4.7.

New custom bulk actions mean that we can do more than just edit and delete in bulk, WP Hook (the code that lies beneath actions and filters) has been completely overhauled and bugs have been fixed along the way.

New customise change sets has been set up, which acts as an auto save, so the changes that are made in customiser will be saved automatically – making life much easier!

Interested in learning more about WordPress 4.7?

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We keep up to date with the latest changes and updates to WordPress so if you’d like some more information contact our team on 01257 758078 and we’ll be happy to help.