Why rogue plugins break websites

One of the most amazing things about building a website on WordPress is the huge range of plugins at your disposable that help to extend and further develop the site.

Plugins enable us to take a simple website and transform it into a fully-fledged e-commerce store which, in our eyes, is one of the major selling points of using the WordPress CMS.

Even though plugins are one of the best aspects of WordPress if they are poorly coded they can have a negative impact on the website. We have worked on many projects where rogue plugins have caused issues on websites and as a result there has been some WordPress development work to be carried out.

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugins are created by people within the WordPress community, anyone with a basic coding knowledge can create a plugin to share with other users.

To put it in a very basic way plugins are a bunch of code written in PHP and some JavaScript, the code then hooks onto WordPress using a series of actions and filters.

Because of this anyone can create whatever plugin they want, great for those who have a wealth of coding experience and create plugins that benefit thousands of websites however the flip-side of this also means that you can install any rogue plugin onto your website – well coded or not.

Could installing rogue plugins harm my website?

Our WordPress development team have worked on many projects where a poorly coded plugin has negatively impacted on a website’s performance.

There are no set results that can happen if you install a rogue plugin into your WordPress site as each issue will be different however some possibilities are:

• Slow loading speeds
• Broken page links
• Broken images
• Website crashes

Prior to installing a new plugin onto your site be sure to check the reviews on the WordPress plugin directory, this will give a good indication of whether other users have had bad experiences!

What should I do if a plugin is affecting my site?

If you are having issues with your website and believe that it is due to a plugin but are unsure which one it is, perhaps try turning off all of the plugins one by one and then checking which has caused the issues on the site.

In some circumstances huge plugins will have masses of features can also cause issues within the WordPress CMS however, often there are options to disable some of the features which can help to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

We are also often asked if there can be too many plugins installed on a WordPress website, this is something to be wary of however it does only cause one bad plugin out of 100 good ones to cause an issue that can be detrimental to your website.

We recommend reviewing the number of plugins installed on your website regularly, surely it is better to have a small amount of plugins that do the jobs you require than a large number of plugins that may damage your website.

If you are still struggling with your client’s WordPress website Codeias provide white-label development solutions. We have worked on many plugin issues and resolved the issue with minimal disruption to the website.

For more information on the WordPress development services that we offer contact us by calling 01257 758078.