Why large companies are turning to WordPress for their websites

Working in the WordPress development industry we have created a huge amount of websites using the system however we are often met with misconceptions that the content management system is unable to meet the requirements of a larger organisation.

Previously for large website design and development projects a custom system was requested as WordPress was looked at a platform for smaller websites however, WordPress is now seen is a leading CMS with over 7 million websites using the open source software.

Large companies are now utilising WordPress and favouring the CMS over complex systems which mean they need the help of a developer on hand to change an image or upload some new content.

Instead, companies are taking control over their own websites and using WordPress because of its main features:


WordPress allows business owners or in-house marketing departments to manage their own website, they don’t need to rely on outsource partners to make mundane update the website on their behalf. Instead, they now have the freedom to blog, add new pages, edit images and maintain the whole website without having to rely on their web development agency. It also frees up digital agencies to take on new projects, working with a larger range of clients.


Used by over 7 million websites WordPress is possibly the most popular content management system available to use. There are thousands of guides explaining how to use WordPress and add new features/plugins that you may require.

Even those with limited content management system knowledge are able to use the system easily, another bonus for large companies with their own marketing department – even if they haven’t used WordPress before they’ll be able to pick it up easily.


Since its launch in 2003 WordPress has developed at a rapid rate, starting out as a simplistic blogging tool and launching into a full-blown content management system. This evolution isn’t slowing down either, which provided good promise for those using the system that their websites will continue to be some of the most comprehensive and easy to use systems online.


We have talked about the fantastic options that WordPress users have in previous blog posts, making it one of the most secure options for those looking to create a new website.

As WordPress is an open source platform it is reviewed by a whole community of developers, ensuring that it is high quality and as secure as possible. Any security issues that arise with WordPress are usually down to third-party plugins that haven’t been reviewed by WordPress themselves.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google have openly stated that they favour websites that use the WordPress CMS, therefore using the platform can help to increase the website’s search engine rankings. Also due to its flexibility and extensive Plugin Directory SEO works can easily be carried out from the admin area of the website.

Our white-label WordPress development services

WordPress is one of our most frequently used content management systems, we have a whole team of expert WordPress developers on hand to create your client’s ideal websites. For more information on the white-label WordPress development services that our team contact us by calling 01257 758078.