WordPress Multilingual Plugins to help your international presence

A question that has been raised by several our clients recently is the requirement for multiple languages on their site. Even though English is an internationally recognised language, only 26% of the online audience are native English speakers.

We have found that by adding extra language options to our client’s websites their reach has been improved and the user journey for non-English speakers has been improved significantly.

An example of a well-known company who this worked for is online fashion retailer ASOS, by adding Russian and Chinese languages to their site in 2013 their online sales increased by 39%.

If you are able to sell your products or services internationally we would recommend adding in other language options, this is a fantastic way to break down the barrier between you and potential customers.

Looking to add more language options to your WordPress site?

WordPress is a fantastic content management system, we champion it to all our clients and have used the open source software for many projects including complex website builds.

One of the main benefits of using WordPress is the vast range of plugins that are available to download from the plugin library, these add-ons enable us to add new features to websites with just a few clicks.

If you are looking to add multiple languages to your site we would recommend installing the WPML plugin, this enables you to add a huge range of language options to your site alongside many other features including:

  • Use on an unlimited number of sites
  • Detects the language of the browser the user is running
  • Multi-lingual blog
  • E-Commerce support
  • Over 40 languages
  • Powerful translation management

WPML is one of the most comprehensive language plugins available, with so many features for you to make the most of.

Often with plugins like these there is some development and technical work that needs to take place to configure the plugin and ensure that all the features are working correctly, for this we would recommend using an experienced plugin developer.

Codeias can help ease your development pain

If you are struggling to find the right multi-language solution for your client’s WordPress website we can help. We have a team of experienced WordPress developers with a whole host of knowledge of the right plugins and solutions to find for a range of problems, including language issues.

Throughout our experience with WordPress we have helped many agencies solve the development issues that they are facing and work with them on an ongoing basis to create bespoke projects and plugins.

When working with a digital agency we always work on an NDA basis, so your client doesn’t need to know that you are outsourcing the work to us, they will still be under the impression that your business is working on the project.

Many of our clients have found working with us to be extremely useful and beneficial for filling a skill gap that they may be facing.

For more information on the WordPress development services that we offer contact our office on 01257 758078.