WordPress now powers 27% of the web

Since it’s creation in 2003 Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little have grown the WordPress brand and community massively, so much so that it now powers 27% of all websites.

Starting out life as a platform for the non-developers who wanted to create their own sites without enlisting the help of developer, WordPress has become the most commonly used content management systems in the world.

Across the past 14 years the open source software has now turned into a comprehensive platform that developers use to create bespoke, powerful websites for their clients – moving away from theme and template designs and basic functionality into complex development systems with WordPress at their core.

Some of the biggest brands across the world use WordPress for their sites, including companies such as Xerox, BBC America, Ford Social, Time Inc., and The New Yorker.

Why do so many companies choose WordPress?

In a recent interview with TechRepublic, WordPress.com’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Taylor, spoke about how the system allows companies to own their site and reach out directly to their audience:

“WordPress is not like a closed social network, where your brand is secondary. Your community is never far away.” Taylor explained. He also spoke about the increased popularity and brand name of WordPress:

“While WordPress may not be a household name… chances are you know people who have sites that are built on WordPress.”

As WordPress is an open source system this makes it extremely popular with web developers, we are able to take the code and expand the system to increase functionality, this is only increased by the vast Plugins that are available to add onto WordPress sites.

Plugins can include functions such as booking an appointment online, keeping website security up to date or even adding different languages to the site.

Also unlike a bespoke system WordPress isn’t specific to one designer, it is universally recognised and therefore an existing website project can be taken over by another developer at any point, without hindering the process.

WordPress is popular with companies of all sizes, from small and medium sized businesses to large ecommerce retailers, the CMS can meet the requirements of just about any company – if it has been developed to do so.

Agencies often champion WordPress

Often digital agencies champion WordPress as the best content management system on the market (we do too!) and this is because of all the above reasons, it allows us to create bespoke sites for our clients using a well-known and reliable software.

WordPress is also very simple to use from an admin’s point of view also, adding new pages, editing text and uploading new images is a simple process so clients enjoy that they have control over their own website.

We work with agencies on their WordPress development projects, often helping where the agency needs support from an experienced developer.

If you would like some more information on the WordPress development services that we offer to digital marketing agencies contact our team on 01257 758078.