The top WordPress plugins for 2017: #3 WordFence

WordPress SecurityWordFence is one of the top WordPress security plugins of 2017, providing some of the best security available for websites. WordFence has been downloaded more than 10 million times and protects over 1 million active WordPress websites worldwide.

What does WordFence offer?

WordFence offers a variety of features that keep WordPress websites protected from hackers and malicious software.

WordFence offers a free and a premium plan. The free plan covers the basic elements of website security, whereas the premium plan offers extra features that will further improve security.

These features include:

  • Firewalls
  • Malware Scans
  • Monitoring live traffic
  • Additional tools

Using a combination of these features will enable users to monitor website activity, detect security threats and prevent their website from being hacked.


WordFence’s firewall will prevent hackers from being able to access key files of the website. The firewall features available are:

  • The web application firewall

This feature identifies malicious traffic and blocks attackers before they can access the user’s website. Each time new firewall rules come in place, the web application firewall will mitigate threats to maintain protection from the latest threats.

  • Real-Time threat defence feed

Real-time threat defence feed provides firewall updates, the newest malware signatures and malicious IP updates.

  • Country Blocking

The country blocking feature gives users the option to block access to the rest of their website, block access to the login form and provides a regularly updated database of country to IP mappings.

  • Blocking brute force attacks

WordFence monitors the login activity of the user’s website and determines the amount of failed login attempts. It then blocks hackers further attempts of guessing the user’s WordPress password and accessing their website.

Malware Scanning Function

The malware scanning function alerts users when their site is being compromised. WordFence scans for malware, bad URLs and DNS changes and notifies the user if anything unusual is detected.

WordFence can prevent a website’s URL from being used for spam advertisements as spam can have a negative effect on search engine rankings. Furthermore, it prevents the websites IP address from generating spam.

Remote scans are available with a premium plan. A remote scan involves WordFence’s server connecting to the user’s server allowing an additional scan to be carried out. These scans check for possible infections.

Live Traffic

The live traffic features that are available with WordFence give users the chance to monitor the number of visitors their website is having, view Google crawl activity, view logins and logouts, view bots and crawlers and view blocked intrusion attempts.

This feature gives the user the visibility needed to spot and prevent hack attempts before anything is damaged.


A variety of tools are available that all enhance WordPress security and extra tools are available to those with premium packages. Some of these tools include:

  • Repairing files

WordFence uses a code verification feature that notifies the user of changes to their website’s code and helps them repair hacked and damaged files.

  • Receiving detailed IP information

This plugin provides detailed information regarding the IP addresses of each website visitor. Having this information allows users to decide who can access their website.

More questions to ask about WordFence?

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