As one of the most popular ecommerce systems on offer at the moment Magento offers the ability to sell products online with ease. We have worked with many clients who have found Magento to be the best option for them, offering a huge range of features and also the ability to install extensions and plugins. Codeias offer complete Magento web design services.

As with any ecommerce platform Magento comes with regular updates and changes that, if you aren’t confident within the system, can affect the function of the website. That’s where Codias can help! Working with a number of agency’s across the UK to provide bespoke Magento web design services.

Our team are expert Magento developers, having worked with the system for years we are able to solve issues from carrying out new updates right through to creating bespoke extensions to meet your client’s needs. If you are having a development issue, we will be able to provide assistance and solve the issue for you without causing major disruption to your client’s website.

We also provide consultation on the best extensions for Magento websites and how to optimise your customer’s online store to ensure that it is fully optimised in terms of page speed and SEO works.

Our team keep user experience at the top of our priority list when working on any website, after all you couldn’t find the products you were looking for with ease would you purchase from the website?

We always work to non-disclosure agreements which means that you can be confident that we will work in the background whilst you are the face to the client. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, our Magento team are approachable and happy to answer any of your queries!

For more information on how we can solve your Magento development problems contact us by calling 01257 758078.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

With over two thirds of traffic coming from mobile phones it is now more important than ever that your client’s websites are mobile friendly.

All of the websites that we create are fully responsive however our development team are also able to re-design and existing website to be mobile friendly. This ensures that your client’s website will look just as good on all screens.

For more information on the responsive websites & white label development services that we offer contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to talk you through our packages.

Responsive Web Design